Life after Love

It has been said that a sixteen year old doesn’t see past Friday night despite all of the extremes occurring worldwide, the only thought entering their mind revolves around a crush or an upcoming social gathering.   All the while that may be true, the same concept is applicable to all persons regardless of the age factor.   Every person has an object or person of adoration in which is the center of their world whether it be for a moment or a lifetime and that my friends is their Friday night.  You see, this euphemism seems convoluted but the concept is relatively perspicuous for those whom have experienced the bittersweet wrath of love. Often times we are branded with the bitterness of love once the sweetness deteriorates and what once covered our hearts with a blanket of warmth becomes nothing but an emotional safety blanket.  For five years the thought of “being in love” just being a figment of one’s imagination permeated in my head as I entered the oh so onerous dating realm creating an immediate distension between the opposite sex and I, as I REFUSED to be a victim once more.  Cynicism had unconsciously conquered my life in more ways than one….  Looking back I can precisely recollect the overwhelming gushing feeling that accompanied my first serious relationship and how my overall attitude towards life was positively altered by a the mortal bite of love.  Love can become tumultuous if you allow it to be.   Often times we are confused by the defiance love serves us as we believed that finding your one true love was a definite indication of fate.  Sadly we become jaded as the thought of fate just being nothing but a mere façade shattering our vision of reality into a million fragmented pieces.  I’ve come to the realization that love consists of both fate and facades.   As I find my words to contradict themselves I’ve deciphered that hurt is warranted to accompany love and with hurt, disappointment also lies within.  There is always that one relationship in which we find it beyond difficult to overcome the treacherous mountains of hurt as we were oh so sure that love had sided with us and it was fate.  But was engaging in the relationship fate or was living through the  pain and anguish and eventually letting go of that relationship in order to proceed to the next best thing, fate?  In the end,  it’s presumptuous but realistic to conclude that persons suffering from relationship detachment become living proof that cynicism exists and depicts the power of influence it reins over one’s life.  Let me be living proof that once love becomes depleted, optimism and hope dwindles, also.  Quite often I reflect on my past relationships and place into comparison what life stage I was in at that moment and that perhaps it was fate that while in that stage of life, that relationship served with great purpose.  As a firm believer that we are were we are supposed to be at all times, I will add that we are with whom we are supposed to be with at all times.   You see, people are like seasons, they come and go and each one be different from the next.  It’s not always the case the person entering your life is your fate, but rather the fate of the other.   As difficult as it is to accept that a past relationship hadn’t been fate it may be easier to accept that you potentially served your purpose in permanently altering a life.   If there is one thing I learned in regards to life and love, it’s there is not one without the other and despite how much we dissect the what “ifs” in life, fate will take its course.   I do not believe in quixotic stories of undisrupted love, as it is almost inevitable to not be road blocked by a hurdle or two in relationships.  However,  I do not wish to remain a nonviable being, nor will I furthermore subject myself to a life long sentence of pessimism.  From this day forward I opt to let fate take the reins once more and further free myself from the burden of doubt and mistrust.  May fate too be with you.